1. Visa Requirement by Country

2. Application Guide for JKPD Committee

3. 2nd Stage - Application for Employment Pass

4. Employment Pass Application Flow Chart

5. Additional information

6. Professional Visit Pass (PLIK)



Who are classified as Expatriate

Foreigners who are qualified to fulfil the following positions :

Key Post

Top Managerial Post of a foreign owned company operating in Malaysia.

Responsible for looking after the company's interests and investments.

Responsible for determining the company's policies and goals.

Executive Post

Professional/Middle Managerial Post.

Required academic and working experience, practical skills related to the respective jobs.

Responsible for implementing the company's policies and supervision toward the junior staff.

Non-Executive Post

Highly skilled

Require working experience and technical skills related to the respective jobs.


Information and Expatriate Document

A) Information

B) Checklist

C) DP10 Form

D) Application Guide

E) Confirmation Letter

F) Pengesahan Status Kemasukan Pegawai Dagang



All applications related to Pas Expatriate (Expat) must be submitted online via Expatriate Services Division (ESD) portal.