Applicant must fill in all the relevant information in the application page. Any false or inaccurate information given during the application will be rejected and liable for legal action under the Section 12(1)(c) Passport Act 1966 (Act 150)

Application Checklist

Collection Checklist - Please check! , Please check!  & Please Read

Applicant must present him/herself at the Immigration office in London for collection of
his/her passport.     No representative is allowed.
Please allow one hour process (once the system accept your identification via security check-up like thumb print and reading of IC Chip and the process begin. Please do not come between 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm as the staff is having a lunch break and also to process a new passport application that has been submitted before 12 Noon

 We are not responsible for any charges incurred on any transaction as the bank may charge
 for any foreign currency transaction base on the type of the account.
 No refund of the
 payment if the application doesn’t meet any term and condition

If any of the above item is missing or not available we cannot process the online application but if
 you forgot to bring any of the item listed above during collection you have to come back and
 present all items above at the passport counter.

*** Remember ***

For those  whose passport renewal online application have failed or void they need to submit manually and must come between 9.00 am till 12 Noon for submission

For those who failed passport collection due to forgotten to bring along any of the item mention above are required to come back with full items

No refund of payment if the application doesn’t meet any term and condition

Payment must be made by credit card. Any discrepancy with payment process please consult your bank or credit card provider to solve the problem. Fee for passport is as follows:

     i. Normal Application 13 -59 years old : RM 200

     ii. Senior Citizen (60 years and above) : RM100

Operating System is in Putrajaya, Malaysia