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Visa requirement for employment by country of origin.

Once the applicant received an approval letter from Our Head Office (Malaysian Immigration Department) they can book the flight ticket and fly with the approval letter and passport that is valid more than 6 months validity. Most of the countries doesn’t need to apply Visa to enter except those listed below.

On arrival they will be granted special pass where the employer needs to submit the passport to the immigration office that issue the approval within 30 days of arrival for the Employment Pass sticker to be issued.

A. Sub. Continent Countries:


1. Bangladesh

2. India

3. Pakistan

4. Sri Lanka

B.  African Countries :

1.  Angola

2.  Burkina Faso

3.  Burundi

4.  Cameroon

5.  Central African Republic

6.  Congo Democratic Republic

7.  Congo Republic

8.  Cote D ' Ivoire

9.  Djibouti

10. Equatorial Guinea

11. Eritrea

12. Ethiopia

13. Ghana

14. Guinea-Bissau

15. Liberia

16. Mali

17. Mozambique

18. Niger

19. Nigeria

20. Rwanda

21. Western Sahara


C. Other Countries


1. Afghanistan (Visa with reference)

2. Bhutan

3. Colombia

4. Myanmar

5. Nepal

6. PR China

7. Taiwan

  All Holders Of Certificate Of Identity

  All Holders Of Laisser Passer

  All Holders Of Titre De Voyage

D. Countries that do not require Visa

- Commonwealth Countries


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