(Updated on 06/01/2019)


No Visa /

Entry Permit



Entry with Visa / Permit apply through any Malaysian Representative Overseas

Visa for Professional Visit Pass, Student or Musician and etc with Reference

On Arrival




Length of Stay




90 days


90 days

Note * :


Visitors from the countries that doesn't need VISA can enter from any entry point in Malaysia


VISA Application

Visitors that require Visa MUST obtain Visa / Permit to enter at the nearest Malaysian Embassies / Consulates before entering Malaysia.
Applicant must have
1. Posses
confirmed air ticket back to country of origin or current residing country OR posses visa and confirm air ticket to the country of onward destination.
2. Confirmed hotel booking OR invitation letter plus copied of their passport/IC address and contact number in Malaysia and for non Malaysian all the above plus copied of their Visa (Long term Permit like Student, Spouse Visa, Work Permit and Resident permit) is required
3. Letter of your current status from Employer or University/College and for self employed - Company registration and Tax and letter to confirm who he is in the company using their company letter head

4. Three months bank statement with minimum balance of UK £ 600.00 on the last balance
5. One photograph (Standard UK Passport size photo with white background)


Visa With Reference (VDR):


VISA to ENTER for non social visit (VDR) is issued for those who possessed an approved Professional Visit Pass, Student Pass, Student Exchange, Practical, Research, Volunteer and Work Permit. Application have to be submitted by employer or organisation via https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/  


Extension of Social pass is not allowed unless approved by the Director General or Deputy Director General of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.